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Jerryn Zwart


Jerryn has over 25 years of experience in sustainable transport planning for local and state governments. Her experience includes multi-modal transport planning projects, car parking policy and management plans, and travel behaviour change strategies and plans.

Her specialisation in walking and cycling has provided her with highly refined skills in strategy and action plan development, network planning, option assessment and infrastructure design, wayfinding plans, safety and accessibility audits and CPTED risk assessments.

Jerryn brings to a project her skills in project management, community and stakeholder engagement and managing client relationships. She has the ability to push the boundaries to create high quality targeted solutions which meet the needs of the client, the end user and the local environment.

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Luisina Perassi


Luisina is passionate about working on and exploring the interplay between mobility, architecture and urban design and its potential to accelerate behaviour change and transitions towards a more equitable and sustainable urban future for all. She is an architect and urban planner with experience working on urban design, strategic planning and community engagement projects. She supports our team with creative and meaningful processes and plans for community engagement.

Xanthia Dubler


Xanthia is a deadline driver and a multitasker with excellent leadership, organisation, and communications skills. With over five years of experience as a Transport Engineer working on transport planning and engineering projects, she is passionate about sustainable transport modes.

She has worked on various projects, including transport strategies, Movement and Place assessments, Traffic Impact Assessments, and business case development. Xanthia strives to deliver high standards in the timeframe provided and has coordinated the successful delivery of traffic assessments with teams across different organisations.

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Meet the Team

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Oliver Manias


​Oliver is passionate about public, active, and community transport and the opportunities these modes present to reduce car dependency, reduce negative environmental impacts, and ensure the transport network is accessible to people with mobility challenges.

Oliver is undertaking a Bachelor of Urban Development (Honours) - Urban and Regional Planning at QUT and recently participated in an international summer school - ‘Planning and Design for the Just City” in Delft, The Netherlands, where he was able to learn diverse perspectives on designing inclusive outcomes for the built environment. He looks forward to using and building on this knowledge here at ZTP.

Stephanie Edwards


Stephanie is well known for her enthusiasm and passion for active transport. She has more than ten years experience: primarily in active transport planning, multi-modal transport planning, and open space planning at both local and citywide scales. Stephanie has an exceptional understanding of development processes, land use planning and active transport network planning and walking and cycling design principles.


Nicole Blore


Nicole is an experienced administrative assistant with ten years of experience.

She supports the team in producing consistent and high-quality outcomes. Her exceptional organisational skills ensure our quality assurance processes are developed and adhered to.

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Louisa Devadason


Louisa supports the team with communications and administration. She has a diverse background with solid grassroots community engagement skills, working with not-for-profit and disability groups in previous roles.


Louisa is passionate about making a difference in the community and volunteers for several organisations. 

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