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Delivering tailored solutions for our clients, we are experts in sustainable transport planning and focus on delivering excellence in these 6 areas:

Our areas of expertise
Transport Planning and Policy

Transport planning & policy

We understand the relationship between land use and how it can influence transport systems and behaviours, and the need to integrate between all modes of transport. We can deliver integrated transport plans, policy and feasibility studies for regions, local government, specific areas, or development sites.

Parking Policy and Management

Parking policy & management

We are experts in developing parking policy and parking management plans. We understand the importance of balancing car parking, economic development and travel demand management.

Travel Behaviour Change

Travel behaviour change

We can deliver travel behaviour change strategies and implementation plans for local government, communities, schools and workplaces. We believe it is important to target solutions which meet the needs of the client, end users and local environment.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Community & stakeholder engagement

Engaging with key stakeholders and the community is crucial to achieving a successful project outcome. We have the facilitation and engagement skills to ensure the engagement process is empathetic, empowering and focused on achieving objectives.

Project Management

Project management

We have the project management skills to ensure our projects are organised, delivered on time and within budget. We believe that excellent project management skills are integral to achieving quality outcomes for our clients.

Active Transport

Active transport

Specialists in active transport planning are rare. We have extensive experience and our highly refined skills in walking and cycling make us outstanding.


Our skills include:

Strategy and action plan development

Network planning and prioritisation

Safety and accessibility audits

Wayfinding plans, strategies and design manuals


CPTED risk assessments

Option development and assessment

Infrastructure design advice


Specialists in
active transport

Active transport planning specialists are rare. Yet planning for people and making our communities active, healthy and liveable has been our focus for more than 20 years. We are experts in active transport planning and infrastructure design and our projects have been successfully implemented by government and local councils across Queensland.

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